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Missing cmdlet for Set-NASNMP

I have found the cmdlet for Get-NASNMP and I wanted to use it to gather the current settings for the traphosts configured for each Filer. This works fine, however much to my dismay I find that the recipricol cmdlet Set-NASNMP is not yet available.  I was looking to make changes to the traphost settings but couldn't because this feature is missing.  Any idea when will this cmdlet could be added to the Data Ontap module?


Cole Cather


Re: Missing cmdlet for Set-NASNMP

Hello, Cole.  The SNMP settings may be changed using other cmdlets.  Try 'Get-NaHelp -Category snmp' to see what is available.

Re: Missing cmdlet for Set-NASNMP


Thanks for your help.  I found what I was looking for with the Add-NaSnmpTrapHost cmdlet.  Sometimes I forget to look in Get-NaHelp for the names of the cmdlets. Duh!

Much appreciated.

Cole Cather