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NIC failover



I have enabled the takeover.on.network_interface_failure option but when both NICs on one controller fail (taking down the interfaces on the switches) the 2nd controller does not take over the addresses from controller 1, which causes my Hyper-V hosts to lose access to the LUNs on that controller.

controller 1 e0a: -> switch 1 port 2 (partners with controller 2 e0a)

controller 1 e0b: -> switch 2 port 2 (partners with controller 2 e0b)

controller 2 e0a: -> switch 1 port 3 (partners with controller 1 e0a)

controller 2 e0b: -> switch 2 port 3 (partners with controller 1 e0b)

host nic 1: -> switch 1 port 1

host nic 2: -> switch 2 port 1

Using MPIO/DSM on the hosts. No LACP/VIFs configured on the switches and filers.

Any ideas?



Re: NIC failover


Those interfaces need to be configured with NFO (Negotiated Failover). 

  • Enable NFO on the interface (ifconfig e0a nfo)
  • Set/Check the CF Policy to effect a takeover  in case of NICs failure (options cf.takeover.on_network_interface_failure.policy)
  • Enable the NFO (options takeover.on.network_interface_failure)

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