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Need help with netapp filer luns in windows server 2008 R2


Hi Folks

I am needing a bit of help with our netapp filer.

I need to know the process of connecting a netapp lun within windows server 2008 R2 for clustering purposes.

I really don't have a clue to do do this in windows.

Our Data ontap version is 7.3.2

I read somewhere that you need the following product to achive this.

Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO

Can anyone with the relevant experience please help.

Many thanks



Is your intent to use shared disk connected to your cluster as either a drive letter or mount point, or is it to use Cluster Shared Volumes for Hyper-V?



Basically i am going to have 2 windows server 2008 R2 machines within a cluster both connected to an IBM fibre switch, both switches will also be connected directly to our netapp san storage, i think i will be connecting them using mount points.

I just dont know where to start to be honest.

Just wanted to know a least problematic way to do this.



What you really need to do is read the Block Access Management Guide...   Windows 2008 has native MPIO... if that is even necessary for your setup...  (should basically be the same for 7.3.2 ... )

Remember to install the Host Attach Kit... (or whatever they call it this week)... It's all in the docs.


Our windows servers are connected to an ibm fibre switch and our san storage is connected to this same switch.

Could you possible give me the basic steps to achieve this.


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