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Microsoft Virtualization Discussions

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.7 released!


Dear PowerShell community,

We are glad to announce the release of  NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.7 This unified release has enhancements for both ONTAP and SANtricity modules.


ONTAP PowerShell Module:
The latest release adds upto 2305 cmdlets and provides maximum API coverage for ONTAP 9.5 and is backward compatible with previous ONTAP releases.

SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit
The SANtricity PowerShell module supports more than 300 cmdlets, enabling the storage administration of NetApp E-Series storage systems and EF-Series all-flash arrays.

Download the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.7 from  here

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit Team



When I follow your links, the only download link that I can find is for SANtricity Powershell Toolkit.


I have been going around in circles ... every search leads me back to:


How can I get the installer for "NetApp PowerShell Toolkit" please?



At the bottom of the page - check the "I agree" and click the "continue" button


Thank you Gal. I don't know how I missed that. I must have read that page 10 times and never noticed the "continue" ... aargh!.


Is there a way to see the list of new cmdlets?


diff with 4.6.  I count 62 new commands:


> Add-NcNvmeSubsystemHost
> Add-NcNvmeSubsystemMap
> Add-NcVmDiskObjectStore
> Add-NcVmDiskObjectStoreDnsCache
> Confirm-NcVirtualMachineMaintenanceEvent
> Disable-NcSystemCacheMirror
> Enable-NcSystemCacheMirror
> Get-NcCifsPreferredDcStatus
> Get-NcCifsServerStatus
> Get-NcClusterImageMetroclusterUpdateProgressInfo
> Get-NcClusterSwt
> Get-NcFlexcacheConnectedCache
> Get-NcFlexcacheUsage
> Get-NcLicenseV2LicenseManagerConfig
> Get-NcLicenseV2LicenseManagerStatus
> Get-NcNtpServerKey
> Get-NcNvme
> Get-NcNvmeFeature
> Get-NcNvmeInterface
> Get-NcNvmeNamespace
> Get-NcNvmeSubsystem
> Get-NcNvmeSubsystemController
> Get-NcNvmeSubsystemHost
> Get-NcNvmeSubsystemMap
> Get-NcSecurityLastLoginInfo
> Get-NcSystemCacheMirror
> Get-NcSystemLicenseAggregate
> Get-NcVirtualMachineMaintenanceEvent
> Get-NcVmDiskObjectStore
> Get-NcVmDiskObjectStoreDnsCache
> Get-NcVmNetworkLoadBalancer
> New-NcFlexcacheAsync
> New-NcNtpServerKey
> New-NcNvme
> New-NcNvmeNamespace
> New-NcNvmeSubsystem
> Remove-NcFlexcacheAsync
> Remove-NcFlexcacheOriginCacheRelationship
> Remove-NcNtpServerKey
> Remove-NcNvme
> Remove-NcNvmeNamespace
> Remove-NcNvmeSubsystem
> Remove-NcNvmeSubsystemHost
> Remove-NcNvmeSubsystemMap
> Remove-NcVmDiskObjectStore
> Remove-NcVmDiskObjectStoreDnsCache
> Rename-NcSecurityCertificate
> Rename-NcStoragePool
> Set-NcLicenseV2LicenseManagerConfig
> Set-NcNtpServerKey
> Set-NcNvme
> Set-NcNvmeNamespace
> Set-NcNvmeSubsystem
> Set-NcVmDiskObjectStore
> Set-NcVmDiskObjectStoreDnsCache
> Set-NcVserverPeerPermission
> Test-NcVserverProtectPrecheck
> Test-NcVserverProtectPrecheckDpSupport
> Test-NcVserverProtectPrecheckNetwork
> Test-NcVserverProtectPrecheckVgeSupport
> Update-NcLicenseV2Leases
> Update-NcMetroclusterLifVserverName


I have tried to create the health check volume,Aggregate,event logs as well. It seems, there is no options for it. Please help me for 7mode as well


Will there be a 64bit DataONTAP module released in the future?


get-natoolkitversion still reports 4.5 - previously installed verion - after installation


What do you mean it still reports 4.5? PowerShell Toolkit 4.6 reported the version was 4.4.0, so this is an advancement at least. PSTK 4.5 and 4.5.1 both internally reported the version was 4.3.0.


Same from Get-Module command. But installed files have a recent timestamp (November 15th). Not a mess 🙂


How do I connect directly to E2800 without web client proxy?
Thanks again


Powershell core 6.1 support yet?


Agreed, what is stopping support for .Net/Powershell Core?

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