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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit Core for Windows, Linux, macOS


With Microsoft's release of PowerShell for Linux and macOS followed by VMware and AWS's announcements I'm wondering if there is interest in our community for NetApp's PowerShell Toolkit to go cross-platform.


I'm just throwing this topic open as a user myself, I know I'd be interested.  





very cool demo video:





I second this as well.


Having the ability to use the NetApp Powershell Toolkit to use with Powershell Core would open the Toolkit even to any other language, as the powershell would create an interface to those languages.


If you have the time, watch this:


If you have some time shortage interfacing to python starts at 15:55.


PowerCLI on macOS is here.


 myFirst PowerCLI on macOS.png




Nice.  Hopfully my powercli script carry over to mac better than my bash scripts carried over to windows

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I had a couple of PowerShell scripts buit and tested on Win7 that made REST calls to WFA. They ran unmodifed under PowerShell for macOS. 


My vote is "yes". Could be very useful. Looking forward to poking PS for Linux with a shart stick to see how it squeals.


Absolutely!  Being able to move scripts from the toolkit back and forth on various servers no matter what the OS of the day for any given group is would be a win.  Imagine when next my customer's support group swings that we have to move back to *NIX and I could simply move every powershell script over and update a few lines and have them running again.


- Scott




First, I'd like to say thank you to everyone for your contributions to the community and for voicing your opinions regarding adding support for the PSTK to run on Linux.  Please know that it is not unnoticed, and I encourage everyone with an interest in seeing the PSTK on Linux to contribute to this thread.


Second, I am also very much in support of having the toolkit available on Linux.  Having a single, easy to use, extremely common, and well supported scripting language avaiable across platforms would be a tremendous benefit for the automation, administrative, and even development communities.  Combine this with something like containers and we now have a completely portable automation environment that could be used by anyone with almost zero barrier to entry.



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Its a great idea - though I can not see a Linux admin letting powershell anywhere near production servers.Smiley Tongue


Better to learn Perl and or Python then you might get lucky 





From my perspective: ... the languages I've learned in last decade inlcude (in order) perl, powerShell and python ... and in the last 3-4 years doing NetApp API sort of work with those languages. The languages themselves are "drops in the bucket" compared to the ease or complexity of the device/vendor APIs themselves when you compare NetApp's PSTK versus NMSDK w/perl-or-python.


I think if using NMSDK were as simple and integrated into python's object-framework as PSTK is into PowerShell's object-framework I wouldn't care much about seeing PS+PSTK on linux/macOS. I'm just interersted in a decent NetApp-toolkit API working with any language on non-windows platforms. If it's PS+PSTK so be it. If it's a better API/framework for perl/python, I'd take that too. 


That would be very useful.  My vsim tooling is split up between bash for local OSX stuff and powershell/PowerCLI for ESX hosted stuff.  Some things are just more convenient in one or the other.   Between the Windows Subsystem for Linux and powershell moving into the *nix space I'm hoping to reuse a lot of code.




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Add my vote to this.




André M. Clark


I hope that this happens soon!


Definitely interested in this. Being anchored to a windows host to run PS scripts is sub-optimal, especially in a mostly unix shop. Having to explain to a customer that we would like a windows vm/host to run PowerShell scripts/Ontap toolkit cmdlets is a hard conversation. Thank you.

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