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NetApp SCOM Managemernt Packs monitoring scope \ capability query?


Hi All


We have SCOM 2012 installed and the “Data ONTAP” and “Clustered Data ONTAP” Management Packs installed and working.  However we have had an internal request come through to check for NetApp ‘Lock Mode’ monitoring in SCOM.  Having reviewed the monitors and rules for the MP’s (and their Admin Guides) I couldn’t find evidence that these MP’s provide monitoring for this condition. That said I’m not a NetApp techie.  As such does anyone know if these MP’s cover the monitoring of this condition, and if so which Monitors or Rules provide this monitoring?  If they do not, alternatively, could someone kindly point me in the direction of a NetApp script that I could look at implementing via some custom monitoring in SCOM?


Any help much appreciated!


Kind Regards