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NetApp archiving and Microsoft Azure




I've been looking for solutions how to archive long term backups from NetApp.  One of the toughts was to use Microsoft Azure cloud backup services.

Actually, I'm looking for NetApp solution for achiving backup data outside of our premises.


I saw somewhere that there are some implementations with NetApp and Microsoft Azure.


Could you please give me some recommendations about archiving long term backup data outside NetApp filers?

Is there any oficially supported solutions to move backup archives to Microsoft Azure or AWS?


Thank you



You could look at SteelStore, which is a recent acquisition from RiverBed (it used to be called WhiteWater). It's a physical appliance which takes data from an existing backup application, dedupes and encrypts it, and then stores it on a compatible cloud-based object store (incluing Amazon S3/Glazier, Azure and others). It has a local cache to facilitate fast restores of existing data.


It doesn't integrate directly with ONTAP, however. It simply presents a CIFS or NFS store to your existing backup application and then sends the data to the cloud provider.


NetApp also have a product called "NDMP Cloud Extension Software", which can take an NDMP dump from a FAS system (or cDOT cluster) and write it into AWS. It doesn't support Azure at the moment - not sure if they have plans to extend it to Azure, but it would seem to make sense.


Cloud ONTAP is another option, but AFAIK it's only AWS at the moment, too. You could look at NetApp Private Storage for Azure as well, which basically involves running a dedicated FAS in a data centre directly-connected to Azure. Info for all of these options is available on the main NetApp site and also on the support site.