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NetApp recommendations on Hyper-V CSV disk




I'm looking for recommendations how to connect LUNs to Hyper-V cluster.

I.e. I've read NetApp best practice tech. report about Microsoft SQL server and there I found recommendations to create separate volumes/ LUNs for OS files, SQL data files, TempDB and transaction logs.

My question is should I connect these 4 LUNS to the Hyper-V Cluster and make them CSV? If yes, then I will have 4 CSV volumes only for 1 SQL server. If I have 5 SQL servers, then I will have 20 CSV volumes. Is this correct solution? Maybe there are another methods how to connect LUNS exclusive created for SQL server?






hi and good question.


however, really you need to seperate out the requirements.


what is needed for SQL and what is needed for HyperV are not the same thing.


your last question is the relevent one, do i create LUNS exclusively for SQL and that is the case, looking at the netapp best practice is the way to go...


you then present these into your hyperv machines, either as ISCSI or pass-thru disks...


so the questions about CSV are really hyperv specfic (SQL 2014 now adding CSV support into SQL clusters) and are to do with your hyperv environment, the SQL disk layout is about presenting disks back to your SQL envronmnet, and about these disks been dedicated to that task - if you use VHD files to house them, then that is a seperate set of considerations.


Hope that makes some sense...




Hi Paul,


thank you for your answer.

Maybe there is a good option to use virtual FC adapters attached to the VM and then connect LUNs via them?

Also, what's the best practice of deduplication? Should I use one volume with connected some LUNs for all SQL servers?




Sorry i thought i'd replied to this but looks like it didn't post.


but basically you are right, present some LUNS Fc./ISCSI whatever is relavent in your environment, and reference again the NetApp/SQL good practice guides.


i would certianly suggest you don't look at multiple LUNS in the same volume, this can cause a range of problems around management and data protection, i would be looking at one LUN per VOL. (although techincally multiple LUNS in a single vol is fine)


but stick with the NetApp good practice for SQL, present LUNS to the VM host and you should be fine.