NetAppDocs - Visio/Diagram Output

Has anyone has luck with the DataONTAP Docs and running this command?


I am running this against ONTAP 9.2P1 clusters and it is not generating a diagram within the Word DOC output?


PS C:\> Get-NtapClusterData -Name 'cluster1' | Format-NtapClusterData | Out-NtapDocument - WordFile 'D:\Output\cluster1.Docx' -ExcelFile 'D:\Output\cluster1.xlsx'



Thanks in advance,


Re: NetAppDocs - Visio/Diagram Output

Hi Will,


Unfortunately, NetAppDocs does not generate the Visio diagrams (yet). But if you have Visio diagrams present it will copy/paste them into the Word output (by using the -VisioFile parameter). This functionality is very much on the roadmap but not there yet.