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OCPM 4.1 not properly discovering storage utilization


I am having literally the exact same issue as this user posted in the old forums:


I have built up a new SCOM 2012 R2 environment with OCPM 4.1.  I have added our controllers and put in credentials for each controllers.  Discovery appears to have worked fine and I am seeing aggregates, volumes, LUNs and qtrees but nothing in the committed % column for aggregates, or used space/current savings/storage efficiency for volumes in the state views on the monitoring pane (exactly as the original poster shows in the link above).  I am also not seeing anything on the storage utilization dashboard.   I am connecting to my controllers using the root account.  Is there something else I am missing to unlock all the info in SCOM?  The one reply in the OP's thread mentions "storage permissions for basic monitoring".  Does this apply when using the root account?


For reference, I am working on setting up  monitoring for two of our FAS3250 controllers running 8.2.1 7-mode.


EDIT:  I am not using SCVMM or Orchestrator.  Not sure how the PRO stuff in that article applies if I don't used these.



Please have a look at OCPM 4.1 BPG, it contains steps on setting up permissions,

Let me know if you need any further help.



I had an issue with my SQL database which was causing the issue.  I needed to increase the size of my SCOM database which resolved the issue, I am now getting storage utilization.