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Obtain PAM card serial number using Get-NaFlashDevice

Does anyone know how to get the serial number of a PAM card from Powershell? I've seen the cmdlet Get-NaFlashDevice and the help shows:


Gets a list of all the flash devices installed on the current controller.

AverageEraseCycleCount : 21

Capacity               : 274877906944

FirmwareRevision       : 1:6

LastChangeTime         : 0

LastChangeTimeDT       :

ModelName              : X1937A-R5

PartNumber             : 111-00660

PercentOnline          : 100

SerialNumber           : 5000009783

ServiceTime            : 11344

ServiceTimeTS          : 472.16:00:00

SlotNumber             : 2

Status                 : online

ThresholdProfile       : default

but when I run Get-NaFlashDevice it gives me tabular output without the serial number:

PS C:\> Get-NaFlashDevice

SlotNumber      ModelName FirmwareRevision   Status   Capacity  PercentOnline      ServiceTimeTS

----------      --------- ----------------   ------   --------  -------------      -------------

        13      X1971A-R5              2:2   online     512 GB           100%       101.17:00:00

Have I missed a switch?


Re: Obtain PAM card serial number using Get-NaFlashDevice

Hi, Martin.  It's probably still there, but we could only fit so much in the tabular view on a 120-character window.

Try Get-NaFlashDevice | Format-List * to see everything.

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Re: Obtain PAM card serial number using Get-NaFlashDevice

Hi Clinton,

Spot on, a Powershell newbie, that does exactly what I needed.

Thanks for the quick reply.


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