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Oh where Oh where can it be

I'm unable to find this link PowerShell toolkit when I'm logged into the NOW site


Re: Oh where Oh where can it be

Go to this page when logged in:

It will be on the upper left side as "Data  ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit Downloads"  When you click thru you will find it as (the rest are unneeded).  Just expand to your powershell modules directory and do and import-module DataOnTap.

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Re: Oh where Oh where can it be


They have a cmdlet "get-nahelp" which will list all the NetApp cmdlets and the related API calls.  Nice touch on the programmers part.

Re: Oh where Oh where can it be


Will bring up the documentation in a browser window.  I like it because it lists the categories, commands, and APIs.  For each command it lists detailed information and examples.  If you know which command, and you just want syntax or examples, you can always use get-help as well:


get-help get-navol

Happy Scripting


Re: Oh where Oh where can it be

whoa I was right there earlier reading and my god I did not even see that. this days ben too long

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