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OnCommand Plugin 4.1.1 for SCOM - Empty Groups for Clustered Data ONTAP Group/SVM Group


I was attempting to define some roles within SCOM 2012 R2 to allow access to some of the cDOT views and dashboards. When defining the group scope in the role as members of the Clustered Data ONTAP Group and Clustered Data ONTAP Storage Virtual Machine Group, no objects are visible in those views and dashboards for the user. Although these groups have dynamic membership configured, when I checked the group members in SCOM under the Authoring > Groups pane, both of them appear to be empty. This explains why the user cannot see the objects, but I don't understand why these groups are empty. Should they not be populated with the objects SCOM has discovered when running the Manage Storage System task and discoveries?


We are currently monitoring a cDOT 8.2.2P2 cluster along with several SVMs. I originally installed the 4.1 plugin and upgraded to 4.1.1, however I cannot say with certaincy whether this was present in 4.1 as I've only began defining roles in SCOM since the upgrade to 4.1.1.


To work around this issue, I've had to create a custom group containing our cDOT cluster as an explicit member and grant this to the user role. Ideally we could use the groups in the sealed management pack instead of having to update this group every time we want to add new objects to monitor.