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Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V



I upgraded our FAS2240-2 filer on the weekend to Ontap 8.2.  Everything went ok.  I was hoping to use SMB 3.0 to store our Hyper-V VMs for out Windows 2012 hosts.  I can't seem to create any VMs on the new shares that I set up though.  I have CIFS connected to my domain and can browse and create files in any new shares I make.  I have given all the Hyper-V machine accounts full access to the share. I have tried Unix, NTFS and Mixed permissions on the volumes and shares.

When I just try and make a new VHD on the share I get this error:

New-VHD : Failed to create the virtual hard disk.

The system failed to create '\\obethree\vol_HyperV01\test\test.vhd': The request is not supported. (0x80070032).

'': The filename '\\obethree\vol_HyperV01\test\test.vhd' is reserved for use by Windows.  Error: 'The request is not

supported.' (0x80070032). (Virtual Machine ID )

The operation is not supported.

I created a GPO that enabled the HyperV machines to 'Manage auditing and security log' and applied it to the computer accounts for the filer in the domain.

If I try this on a share created on a Windows 2012 server, it works fine.

Interestingly, when I look at 'options' on the filer, I don't see any reference to SMB 3:

obethree> options cifs.smb

cifs.smb2.enable             on

cifs.smb2.signing.required   off

cifs.smb2_1.branch_cache.enable off

cifs.smb2_1.branch_cache.hash_time_out 3600       (value might be overwritten in takeover)

So have I not enable SMB 3.0 just by installing Ontap 8.2 or is this some sort of permissions issue?

Many thanks,



Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


You didn't mention if you're running in 7-Mode or clustered Data ONTAP mode.

SMB 3.0 support is only available in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.

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Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


Hi Andris,

It is running in 7-Mode. I guess that explains it, thank you.



Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


Hi Andris:

Where I can find the document that about SMB 3.0 support only Cluster Ontap 8.2?

Or which document will decribe that?

I need the document to give my customer,

Thank you!

Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


--> Please refer them to release notes of 8.2 clustered ontap and use interop-matrix tool of netapp and select smb3.0.

Hope that helps.

Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


Yes, those sources would work.

If you need a nice presentation to show the customer, look for "Windows File Services in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2-Customer Presentation" on the NetApp Field Portal.

Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V


What do you suggest for customers who are using 7-mode and want to use SMB 3.0 shares to host Hyper-v VMs?  Is it appropriate to create a Windows Server 2012 R2 scale-out file server cluster backed by CSV attached to the filer(s)?  Is that going to offer poor performance because of all the I/O stacks it's having to traverse?

Re: Ontap 8.2, SMB 3.0 and Hyper-V

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