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Pert counters

I am trying to get performance stats of 'wafl' and 'readahead'

tried 'Invoke-NaSsh "stats show wafl" and 'Get-NaPerfData -Name wafl' but it just says 'invalid'

(same works for 'volume' and 'lun')

any idea?

Thank you


Re: Pert counters

I think I got it:

'Invoke-NaSsh "priv set diag;stats show wafl;priv set"

I was trying:

'Invoke-NaSsh "priv set diag"

'Invoke-NaSsh "stats show wafl"

'Invoke-NaSsh "priv set"

If anyone has a good example/script of 'Get-NaPerfData', please share

Thank you

Re: Pert counters

i'm not sure it qualifies as good, but i wrote this to be able to pull all stats from a 7-mode system and push them to graphite:

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