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PowerShell Command Question

HI I am looking for a way to run a powershell command to get these commands to run.

Lun stats -i 10

fcp stats -i 10

I would like run this command from powershell to get a quick report of which luns or fcp ports are experiencing high queue depths or latency.

In a further quest I would like to return ports and luns that exceed a certain threshold on all filers. I will be happy with step one if I can figure out the cmdlet or command I can run to return this data.



Re: PowerShell Command Question

Nobody uses Powershell for performance or is it that no one uses these cli commands when checking performance?

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Have you tried Invoke-NaSysstat?  Unlike 'sysstat', this cmdlet offers performance data on a range of objects and protocols.

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Thanks I will look into this, however where can I find more information about what I can achieve with this command? I am new to powershell.

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Get-Help Invoke-NaSysstat -Full

View solution in original post

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Thanks that is very useful. I will be using this.

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Ok so I have been using Invoke-NASysstat command for a couple of weeks now and it is great. One question I have is when I am looking at Invoke-NaSysstat -nfsv3 stats are the times coming back in microseconds or milliseconds?

Also other question I had is when you are just running this command "Invoke-NaSysstat -i 5 -c 5" for controller performance is the data reported like the usual sysstat command where the number is the highest number for any object during the reporting run? Not sure this is a clear question.

Re: PowerShell Command Question

Glad you like Invoke-NaSysstat.  I particularly enjoyed writing that one.

To learn about the nfsv3 statistics, including the units, try this: Get-NaPerfCounter nfsv3

Re: PowerShell Command Question

I never have used netapp powershell tool kit but now I feel the need of powershell tool kit installation and usage.....

I have installed the powershell tool kit on my admin host... but I don't know how to run the ontap commands ??? How do I access the ontap powershell.... apart from installation what configuration do I need to do....

Re: PowerShell Command Question

hi there, 

you first need to import the dataontap module:

import-module dataontap

if it wont let you load it then you need to chenge the excecution policy.

Try this and if you still cannot load it then google this command and try the other options:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted

Then the dataontap modile should be loaded.

for 7-mode commands run 1 of those:



for cDot commands run 1 of those:





basically you need to connect to the filer first and then run the commands.

so for example:

Connect-NcController -name cluster_name_or_ip -HTTPS -Credential admin








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