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Powershell New-NcFileserviceAudit Possible bug


I am trying to use PowerShell to script the audit configuration process and everything is working except New-NcFileserviceAudit. From what I can see in PowerShell ISE you can set the parameters up either using "RotateSize" or "RotateSched" . I am trying to use RotateSched and when I run it I get the error "New-NcFileserviceAudit : Invalid value specified for "rotate-size" element within "fileservice-audit-config-create": "0"." Even though "rotate-size" shouldn't be something that is set under the rotate schedule and yes I have tried adding it as a parameter and it fails out with "New-NcFileserviceAudit : Parameter set cannot be resolved using the specified named parameters." Here is what I am trying to run "New-NcFileserviceAudit -Destination /Junctionpath -RotateLimit 1440 -AuditEvents file_ops -RotateMinute 0  -Format xml -VserverContext SVM Name". I have removed the destination and vservercontext information from here.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,