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Powershell connect to an SVM


I might be reading over something that is obvious. Anyone know of a good way to connect to an SVM when you have the IP/DNS name of the SVM, but don't have the Cluster information?  Are there particular services/protocols that I need to have enabled to get this to work?


Here is my scenario. I am creating a script to be called by VSC 4.2.  VSC will give me the path to the export as VMWare sees it. (AKA  I am parsing the information out to seperate the namespace away from the DNS/IP of the vserver(SVM).  (See for how I'm doing this). The problem is that VSC doesn't provide me with the cluster information, so when I try to do a "connect-nccontroller" it fails. 


Anyone have any suggestions, or examples where they are already doing this?  If you got it to work, what specific things did you have to enable on the cluster/svm to get it to work.





Re: Powershell connect to an SVM


I think I found the issue after carefully reading the help for 'connect-nccontroller'. I need to change the firewall policies so that it allows https/http connections on each of those data lifs. This should give me the results I need. 

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