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Powershell "Design and Implementation Summary"

In the past we had NetApp Engineers onsite that were able to run PowerShell Commands against our CDOT Filers and extract a "Design and Implementation Summary" for Documentation. It packaged a nice .XLS and .DOC document that showed ALL configurations of the environment. The documents showed the Cluster names, node names, IPs, Firmware revs, Volumes, etc. It was about 75 pages of info. Does anyone know if this is available for CDOT 8.3P2, where I can download and how to use it?


Re: Powershell "Design and Implementation Summary"



I think you might be looking for the NetAppDocs tool.  You can find it here.


Hope that helps!



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Re: Powershell "Design and Implementation Summary"

just FYI - NetAppDocs isn't available for customers (employees and partners only)

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