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Powershell script for listing domain users in vfiler local groups





Does anyone know a way to list domain accounts added to local groups on vFiler for each share ?


I can get results only showing me name of vFiler and user account :



ShareName       User name


JohnS$                filer_name\JohnS





Instead of   filer_name\JohnS  i need  DomainName\JohnS  as i have for some shares users added from different domains and need to distinguish from which domains they are, etc


Kind regards










Have you tried this?


Connect-NaController -Name <controller name> -Vfiler <vfiler name>

    "Group: $($_.Name)" 
    (Get-NaDomainUser -Group $_.Name).Name

I hope it helps you.




thank you for your help








I know it's very basic powershell and that somone from forum might know how to do it.

Yes, i wrote line by line, but  doesn't work anyway


It doesn't matter now because using function from​up.txt


works exactly as i needed 


Get-NAGroup | %{ $Group = [ADSI]"WinNT://<MY_VFILER_NAME>/$_,group"; EnumLocalGroup $Group


Unfortunately that line you wrote doesn't work


At line:1 char:36
+ get-nagroup | % { $group = $ get-nadomainuser -g $group | Select @{n='grou ...
+                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Unexpected token 'get-nadomainuser' in expression or statement.
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken


and this is basic powershell at this point.. 


Sorry I can't assist anymore from here


Is what I wrote, what you typed?  NO


You need to hit enter after each line, exactly what you see above


tomorrow i will try to run the same command after 


Connect-NaController PhysicalFileName -Vfiler VfilerName


and will see if it will list domain accounts  for local vFiler groups 


wrong again


connect directly to the VFILER


connect-nacontroller vfilername





At this moment I tried:


Get-NAGroup | %{ $Group = [ADSI]"WinNT://<MY_VFILER_NAME>/$_,group"; EnumLocalGroup $Group



this doesn't work of course because Get-NAGroup is giving groups from controller not from MY_VFILER_NAME


Function EnumLocalGroup i have found here:


it does what i need ..lists domain accounts added to local vFiler groups but for declared in the script vFiler and declared local group on vFiler.

When i have lots of local groups in vfiler i need to pass all groups to that function in some way ..unfortunatelly i'm  totally fresh in powershell and its not that easy for me




i'm not quite sure what you are doing.. It's pretty simple... 


Connect to the vfiler directly either via rpc or https


Then run something like this


 get-nagroup | % {
$group = $
get-nadomainuser -g $group | Select @{n='group';e={$group}},Name


At this point we are talking basic powershell and basic netapp powershell



You're right maybe i'm mixing two things. I'm not really interested in acls at all.

My task is to verify if to any of  vFiler local groups are added more domain accounts from the same or other domains



How Can i list all vFiler local groups with all accounts added to them ?



Local Group Name       Accounts added to local GP   


User_1                           Domain_1\User_1













Ok, now I assume you mean the groups on the vfiler,


Did somone create more groups?   if so, use get-nagroup


But if you just want administrators use get-nadomainuser -g administrators



How to use Get-NaGroup  in context of  vFiler ?



Get-NaGroup  displays groups for netapp controller not vfiler


I have hundreds of local groups in vFiler so need to script in some way, i have function displaying accounts in local vFiler groups but need to first list all local vFiler groups and pass it to that function.











Ok, this post is a bit confusing.


It appears you want share level or NTFS level permissions within the vfiler, b/c you keep mentioning share.


If you are looking for vfiler acccess for a vfiler administrators group it would be   get-nadomainuser -g administrators


If you want share/ntfs permissions, you need to use Windows Powershell cmdlets with AD to pull them, like get-acl



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