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Problem with PS Toolkit 9.11.1 using Data ONTAP 9.11.1P5?


I have a sandbox cluster running 9.11.1P6 that I used to test a script I developed using the 9.11.1 version of the PowerShell Toolkit. The following line works in the sandbox:


$destpath = ($vserver+":"+$destinationvolume)

$sminfo = Get-NcSnapmirror -Destination $destpath


$sminfo then contains all the parameters relating to a specific snapmirror relationship which I use for automation. FYI, I connect to the controller at a previous point in the script and the variables are all set correctly. However, when I try to run the same script against a production cluster running Data ONTAP 9.11.1P5, it fails and $sminfo returns an empty object. I have tried adding -ONTAPI and -ZapiCall but that did not work.  For business reasons I cannot upgrade the production cluster for several months so I need to find out if there is a problem with my script or a problem with P5. I checked the ONTAP release notes and cannot find anything specific to this problem. Any insight would be appreciated.