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Problems with Get-NaSystemLog


Hi all,

After migrating two of our boxes to Ontap 8.1.2 7-mode, I was looking for an easy way to retrieve syslog entries from  rotated logfiles (messages.0 ... messages.5) as FilerView doesn't work any more and System Manager just displays /etc/messages

So I ended up with building my own log viewer using the ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit. The cmdlet Get-NaSystemLog seems to parse more than just /etc/messages and I thought a command like

Get-NaSystemLog -MessageLog | Out-GridView

would do the job. But I noticed a few drawbacks:

Problem 1

The default property TimeStampDT seems to have a problem with the turn of the year: All entries before 1st january 2013 show up as "01.01.0001 00:00:00". The Property TimeStamp is not affected, it contains the correct value "Sun Nov 25 00:00:00 CET"

Problem 2

After the migration to Ontap 8.1.2 the property Source doesn't contain the hostname any more. This might be because the log file format seems to have been slightly changed in Ontap 8.1.2. When I open an older messages files with a text editor, it contains entries like this BEFORE the migration:

Sun Nov 25 00:00:00 CET [TOASTER: kern.log.rotate:notice]: System TOASTER (ID 0123456789) is running NetApp Release

After the migration it looks like this (please note the missing space between the hostname and the event type):

Sun Dec  9 00:18:55 CET [TOASTER:kern.log.rotate:notice]: System TOASTER (ID 0123456789) is running 8.1.2 

Problem 3

Not all messages files are parsed. When I use Get-NaSystemLog -MessagLog, entries in messages.5 are not displayed

Does this help to improve the PowerShell Toolkit which I doesn't want to miss any more?




Thanks for listing out these issues.  I have taken note of these three problems to be addressed in a future release of the Toolkit.