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Question About PowerShell and Role Based Access Controls


IHAC who wants to use the ONTAP Powershell functionality to convert VHD’s from dynamic to fixed and then to VHDX (ConvertTo-NcVHD and ConvertTo-NcVHDX).

The problem is that they work for WinTel and not for the Storage owners who are the SAN team. Giving admin rights to the members of the WinTel team will not happen due to company policies, so what I need to know is what access controls would I need to allow for those cmdlets to work.

I am also assuming that access to the SVM level is all that is required

Any insights to this are gratefully recieved



Re: Question About PowerShell and Role Based Access Controls


Hi Alan,

Unfortunately, the user must have administrator rights to run the conversion cmdlets because of the way the filesystem is accessed.  To my knowledge, there aren't any user rights that can be assigned to allow a non-administrator user permission.


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