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Quotas: Set qtree quota to 100% of VOL usable space


we have a script set up that is triggered when the "qtree nearly full" and "qtree full" thresholds cause a DFM alert.  the script generates an email to a recipient indicated in a qtree comment field and makes the designated data owner aware of their utilization state.

This works great when we have a volume with multiple qtrees, each with a defined quota.

We also have volumes that are dedicated to an application and contain a single qtree.  In order to set up the utilization threshold alerting to work in these cases, we create a quota on the qtree equal to roughly 100% of the volume's usable space. 

Is there a quota syntax that would basically say: /vol/volume/qtree_x1 tree 100% of volume usable space?



Re: Quotas: Set qtree quota to 100% of VOL usable space

I don't know of any, quotas are specific quantities, not percentages.

If you have only one qtree in the volume, you could use the volume reporting(conditional on the snap reserve and such that can generate those) and alert from there.  Otherwise, you would need to use the API, linux script or powershell script to check this from time to time and update it.

- Scott

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