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Reclaim space in LUN.

Hi everyone ,

How can we reclaim space in LUN, The reports says there is a capacity mismatch between the host and storage system. Is there a manual way or such commands that can reclaim space in lun because we don't have a snapdrive.



Re: Reclaim space in LUN.

What OS Do  you use?  If you are using a redhat 6.x or  ubuntu  12.x,  type a fstrim  /mount point.

ex> df -h

      /dev/sdb      /mnt          ->  cd /   -> fstrim /mnt

To use fstrim, You must use ext4 format using mkfs -t ext4.

Reclaim space in LUN.

Its on a VM and the guest OS is windows.

Re: Reclaim space in LUN.

We use the ontap powershell module. There is a space reclaim function in that module.

Windows Server 2012R2 will reclaim space automaticly

Re: Reclaim space in LUN.

for non space reserved lun with thin-provisioned volumes VM/physical windows server - snapdrive space reclaimer works perfectly...

In case of space reserved luns... I have experienced volume getting full after space reclaimer is run. Anyone has any resolution to this problem ???

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