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Remove-NcVscanOnDemandReport lacks functionality?


Good afternoon,


Cmdlet lacks a parameter to physically delete a vscan report. Cmdlet below only administratively removes a report:


Remove-NcVscanOnDemandReport [-TaskName] [-ReportFile] [-VserverContext ] [-Controller ] [-PipelineVariable ] [-ZapiRetryCount ] [<CommonParameters>]  


cDOT hover does have an option to physically delete a report:

vserver vscan on-demand-task report delete -vserver {vserver} -task-name {taks-name} -report-file {report-file} -delete-report-file true


Is addition of the option in PSTK scheduled for a future release 4.7+?

Is there another way to physically delete it with PSTK?


Thank you,

Frank Teegelbeckers



@teegelbeckers  Let me know if you are still looking for the solution, i will help you find an expert who can answer to your query.

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