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Rename SMHV Snapshots

Hi everybody,

perhaps someone can help me with a little backup problem.

I've installed the SMHV at our 10 nodes Hyper-V Cluster. SMHV take snapshots of the VMs running on a CSV and everything works well, but the naming of the snapshots is horrible.

I have to save some VMs for a longer time, so that I decide to transfer these VMs to tape. But with a naming like it is impossible to setup my Backup Software to pickup the newest snapshot automatically. Is there a way to change the naming of SMHV (like it is possible for SME & SMSQL)?

Excuse my worse english, I hope everybody understand what I mean



Re: Rename SMHV Snapshots

Snapshots cannot be renamed, but SMHV supports environment variables ($VMSnapshot) using which you can get the name of snapshot that got created as part of backup in a post backup script.



Re: Rename SMHV Snapshots


We got similar requests from another customer as well.

Please take a look at discussions to understand how to use SMHV build in variables in the scripts.