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Microsoft Virtualization Discussions

Replicate FAS3240 to Azure ONTAP 9 possible?




For a future cloud project, i must connect the customers FAS3240 with the ONTAP version 8.1.4P8 7-mode to the Microsoft Azure Cloud ONTAP Management server to provide replication over the SnapMirroring technology.


Now i need to now, if the version of the on-premises NetAppFAS (8.1.4P8) is supported to provice this replication, on the documentation i cannot find if the on-premises software must be on the same ONTAP 9 software level as the Cloud server.


Can someone provide me this information?








7-mode will not go to the cloud


But if you figure it out, let us know


Unless you are doing a TDP to the cloud, at which I don't know..

I will create a IPsec VPN tunnel to Microsoft Azure, deploy inside the VPN network the ONTAP Cloud 9 server and the NetApp Cloud Management virtual machine. Then i will try to add the on-premises FAS 8.1 device in the Management portal and try to replicate.


I don't know anything about TDP, the customer has iSCSI LU'N's and CIFs shares that must be replicated for a DSR solution. Is that possible, or do i need to try it, to know it works?



Ok, that will not work. 


You will need ontap 9 - ontap 9, 


7-mode is legacy and will only replicate with a TDP (transitional snapmirror) for migration.


If you have live data on 7-mode you need to migrate to Ontap 9.  There is no upgrade plan.

Ok, you are 100% competely sure on that? Also with a OnCommand Cloud Manager server in between?


I cannot find anything about the requirement of the ONTAP 9 software on-premises software...

I will never say 100%, but just if i'm talking basics you cannot replicate between 7-mode and cdot unless its a TDP.


Ive been doing this a very long time so let's say i'm 99%






So there two questions here that I'm seeing:


  1. will OnCommand Cloud Manager help with snapmirroring from an 8.1.* 7-mode system to an ONTAP 9.1 system?
  2. is it possible to snapmirror from an ONTAP 8.1.* 7-mode system to an ONTAP 9.1 system?


They're very similar but somewhat seperate.


My responses to the second question first:


  • JGPSHNTAP is correct, that there is no direct method for snapmirroring from a 7-mode system to an ONTAP (previously known as Clustered Data ONTAP) system
  • There are, however, some transition tools (7MTT - 7 mode transition tool) that are available to assist with the multiple phases of transition.  I also believe a PS engagment might be necessary, but I don't know for certain
  • I have heard that there are some unsupported procedures that some industrious folks shared on the internet for doing some 7mode to c-mode snapmirrors.  I repeat, unsupported... that said, those processes worked for the individuals I talked to.  Did I mention unsupported?


My response to the first question outlined above:


  • Cloud Manager is not a siliver bullet here
  • Yes, Cloud Manager will recognize physical ONTAP systems... 
    • so long as there is networking connectivity in place
    • but only clustered data ONTAP systems... no 7-mode
    • and only as far back as .... ONTAP 8.3.2


I'm pretty sure these weren't the responses you were hoping for, but I do hope they help.





You mean that it is not official supported, but their might be a change, so i need to try it?

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