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SCOM 2012 R2: failed to access oncommand eventlog, eventid 26004



"The Windows Event Log Provider is still unable to open the OnCommand event log on computer 'BHIOPSMS'. The Provider has been unable to open the OnCommand event log for 720 seconds. Most recent error details: The specified channel could not be found"


(BTW we have 4 management servers, and 3 gateways, and have installed OCPM on the 4th managment server - (not acting as RMS)


there is another article about this posted in this blog which I have checked / applied

( )

I have located both of the discoveries, and ensured there was an override to enable the discovery only on the management server where we installed the OCPM software on.

I have also executed a powershell command to remove the SCOMDisabled Class Instances. but it remains failing on the other managment servers and gateways





I ran the Health service Tasks:

Data ONTAP: Run Discovery task  and Data ONTAP: Run Virtualization Discovery on the management server where the OCPM software is installed, and both completed successfully.

I also tried to run it against the ones that don't have OCPM installed, but obviously they fail.


I exported the mp where we stored the overrides, but that looks good too.


      <MonitorPropertyOverride ID="OverrideForMonitorSystemHealthAvailabilityStateForContextDellStorageMDStorageArrayRBODDevice1070f62cb0ae415d8beea053bc8f3ff4" Context="Storage!Dell.Storage.MDStorageArray.RBODDevice" Enforced="false" Monitor="Health!System.Health.AvailabilityState" Property="AutoResolve">
      <MonitorPropertyOverride ID="OverrideForMonitorDellMDStorageArrayRBODDeviceUnitMonitorForContextDellStorageMDStorageArrayRBODDevice3b16f2c2e43d4b3d98138c0e62d177be" Context="Storage!Dell.Storage.MDStorageArray.RBODDevice" ContextInstance="7be71d13-53f4-6453-a981-91a1988b7d10" Enforced="false" Monitor="Storage!Dell.MDStorageArray.RBODDeviceUnitMonitor" Property="Enabled">
      <MonitorPropertyOverride ID="OverrideForMonitorDellMDStorageArrayRBODDeviceUnitMonitorForContextDellStorageMDStorageArrayRBODDevicef801dd1de0b14c49a5bf12b89a56feb9" Context="Storage!Dell.Storage.MDStorageArray.RBODDevice" ContextInstance="40800cbe-67f5-1dfa-1709-b0635a1bd522" Enforced="false" Monitor="Storage!Dell.MDStorageArray.RBODDeviceUnitMonitor" Property="Enabled">
      <RulePropertyOverride ID="OverrideForRuleDataONTAPVirtualizationDiscoveryRuleForContextMicrosoftSystemCenterHealthServiced269ee0969b842f5a30a8a45b03eb379" Context="SystemCenter!Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService" ContextInstance="3b17f8fe-38cb-c386-9b27-feb98283150b" Enforced="false" Rule="Virtualization!DataONTAP.Virtualization.Discovery.Rule" Property="Enabled">
      <RulePropertyOverride ID="OverrideForRuleDataONTAPDiscoveryRuleForContextMicrosoftSystemCenterHealthServicee3c87ba54eee443fbe553b45c3218f02" Context="SystemCenter!Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService" ContextInstance="3b17f8fe-38cb-c386-9b27-feb98283150b" Enforced="false" Rule="DataONTAP!DataONTAP.Discovery.Rule" Property="Enabled">



but... still all except 1, management servers and all 3 gateways are showing the failure on the eventlog.

I even tried flushing the cache on one management server - hoping that all the discoveries would rerun, but it's showing the same warning again.


I am a bit out of option what else could fix it ???

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