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SMHV - Delete a Job?

Noob here.   Just rec'd our Netapps 2 months ago, and still trying to iron out the kinks of everything (does it ever end?).

I'm sure it's in there somewhere, but.....    How can I delete a scheduled job in Snap Manager for HyperV (SMHV)?   I removed the job from windows task manager, but haven't found out how to remeove it from SMHV.


Re: SMHV - Delete a Job?

Nevermind - Found it.   It's not under "Jobs", it's under Protection>Policies.

Re: SMHV - Delete a Job?

You can also do this by deleting the policy, in this case it will delete the scheduled jobs under the policy from all the nodes[in case of cluster] transparently.



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