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SMHV and SnapVault

I've been workign with a SnapManager for Hyper-V implementation and can not find any documentation on how to update SnapVault with a SMHV snapshot. Looks like intergration with SnapVault or Protection manager is not in the current release of SMHV.

Are there any scripts that could be launched from SMHV to update SnapVault with a SMHV snapshot?

Anyone aware if SnapVault/Protection Manager integration will be in the next release?




Re: SMHV and SnapVault

Protection manager integration is part of our roadmap for SMHV.



Re: SMHV and SnapVault

Has there been any update on this or does anyone have any example scripts?



SMHV and SnapVault

How about an update on the roadmap of SMHV or some sample scripts.

Since OnCommand 5.0 Host Package has been recalled and Hyper-V support kicked out the window, scripts are all we have left!



Re: SMHV and SnapVault

Not sure about SMHV, but with SMVI (as well as SMSQL and SMEX) you can choose how the Snapshots get named. The default is xxxx_date_time. You can change this to be xxxx_recent. I then create a script to send a RSH command to update the Snapvault relationship based on that Snapshot name. If you do this, don't forget to end the script with a snap create command to actually commit the WORM data.


Re: SMHV and SnapVault

Unfortunately this is not the case with SMHV1.0. You cannot define snapshot names and you are also not allowed to rename them afterwards via script otherwise 1-Click restores would not be possible anymore via GUI.

This makes scripting with the given names very complicated!

Re: SMHV and SnapVault

I have posted  a request about integration of SMHV with Protection Manager (used for cascading Snapvault then Snapmirror) : Netapp Experts answer me that this is not in the road map at all (at this time).

For me it's a very big limit and that's prohibitive in my context to use SMHV.

Very sad and irritating for my company!