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SMSQL snapvault post script

Hi, I'm looking for some help again 🙂  Ideally i'd like to replace all rsh based batch files for the post backup  snapvaultscripts with a powershell script based on the toolkit commands.

Snapmanger calls a bat file which in turn runs a ps1 file containing the  Start-NasnapVaultSecTransfer (s) and the Start-NaSnapvaultSecSnapshot.

My issue due to my limited scripting ability is transfering the post command arguments from SnapManager -PostCmdArgs '$SqlSnapshot $SqlSnapshot $InfoSnapshot' into the -PrimarySnapshot

I can get the script to work no issue when using and explicitly stating an (_recent) snapshot in the powershell script.  But we would like stick with timestamped snapmanager source snapshots.

Has anyone achieved this or any scripting tips?

Thanks in advance,



Re: SMSQL snapvault post script

You can access parameters in Powershell like this:


To update the Vault relationship with the latest snapshot the script could look like this:


Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer /vol/vol_primary/qtree_primary -PrimarySnapshot $SqlSnapshot

Re: SMSQL snapvault post script

Try this script:

Good luck!


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