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Script to set ldaps settings




I would like to set on more than 40 netapp cluster ontap 9.5+, ldaps configuration.


So basically, we have to apply 2 commands on each cluster per svm connected to ldap for cifs purpose.

certificate install -type server-ca -vserver SVM

+ insert certificate

vserver cifs security modify -vserver SVM -use-ldaps-for-ad-ldap true


And maybe additionally to check settings have been applied

cifs server security show  -vserver SVM -fields use-ldaps-for-ad-ldap


I had a look on powersheel toolkit but i don't think i can achieve this goal.


Do you have any idea to apply this configuration on multiple cluster/svm by script/automatically ?


Re: Script to set ldaps settings


Start with a simple foreach loop to iterate through the list of your clusters:


Install certificate: Install-NcSecurityCertificate -Vserver <SVM> -Type <type> -Certificate <cert>

Modify CIFS security settings: Set-NcCifsSecurity -VserverContext <vserver> -UseLdapsForAdLdap $true 

Validate settings have been applied successfully: Get-NcSecurityCertificate and Get-NcCifsSecurity cmdlets, respectively. 


You may already know this, but the "Get-Command" and "Get-Help" cmdlets are awesome! I have not come across your specific use case before but just searched using Get-Command like this: "Get-Command -Module DataONTAP *security*" and the CIFS security cmdlets were returned as results (among others). From there, I just used "Get-Help" for cmdlets that looked like what I wanted, and read the documentation to figure out the syntax.


If you write some code and are having struggles, post a thread and we'll help debug. Hope it helps - happy automating! 



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Re: Script to set ldaps settings


I will test it, i think that's what i need.


Thanks a lot.

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