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Hi folks, I am experimenting with the powershell and I wanted to set an owner on a bunch of disks.

I have about 12 disks I want to set owner to one of the controllers, so how I can put it in a script ?

should i use a text file and just include the disk ID's there, like 0c.89 and 1c.61 etc.... and then pass the file through the Set-NaDiskOwner cmdlet  ?

Thank you!




Who owns them now?

Yes, the -Name parameter expects a string.  You could create an array and pipe that to set-nadiskowner.  It's possible to be a bit more creative as well depending on what you're trying to do.  Get-nadiskowner returns objects that include a -Name property, a string, which is the name of the disk.  On set-nadiskowner, the -Name parameter accpts pipeling input bypropertyname...

Let's say that I add a new shelf and want to assign all the disks to a  specific controller, controller1:

$controller1=get-nacontroller controller1

get-nadiskowner -OwnershipType unowned | set-nadiskowner -Controller $controller1

Or perhaps I have a shelf that came from another controller and have now attached it to controller1 and wish to take ownership of all the disks with unknown ownership and assign them to controller1:

$controller1=get-nacontroller controller1

get-nadiskowner -OwnershipType Unknown | set-nadiskowner -Controller $controller1



Hello, Anton.  You can specify the disks in various ways, including using wildcards:

All disksGet-NaDisk | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

One diskGet-NaDisk 0c.89 | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

All disks on a channelGet-NaDisk 0c.* | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

Multiple specific disksGet-NaDisk 0c.89 1c.61 | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

Unowned disksGet-NaDiskOwner -OwnershipType unowned | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

As you suggest, you could also create a text file with disk names, import that into a string array, and pipe the array into Get-NaDisk.


This is perfect, thank you


(I am not in front of my NetApp at this time )

What would be equal to this command?

disk assign -n 8

Would this work?

Get-NADisk | Select -First 8 | Set-NaDiskOwner $controllerName

I don't want to assign all of the disks in this case.


Yes, Omarr, that should work.