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Set-NaDomainUser doesn't support shouldprocess


The Set-NaDomainUser cmdlet should support shouldprocess .  When used in larger pipelines it would be nice if I could test the command.

On a side note is there a different channel to provide feedback/bug reports like this?  Community forums feel very public for little stuff like this, but until told otherwise I'll continue to post here.




Hi, Glenn.  I've sent you a PM with additional contact info.  In Toolkit 1.0, shouldprocess is generally provided where the configuration is being changed in a substantial way and so justifies having confirmations.  There's nothing terribly special about Set-NaDomainUser, so are you suggesting you'd like to see shouldprocess supported by all setter cmdlets in the Toolkit?


Yes exactly, There should be a shouldprocess block around anything that modifies anything.  Now you minimize the impact to the user by setting the ConfirmImpact to low on unimportant changes, and High for critical stuff. The reason for this is PowerShell uses that shouldprocess block to generate the output for -verbose, -whatif, and -confirm. Verbose it just echos the message out the verbose pipeline.  Whatif It echo's the message to the host, and skips everything within the shouldprocess scriptblock, and well everyone knows confirm.   It's okay to not support the common parameters on a getter, but the rest really should have it


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