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Setting timezone with Set-NcTime and Node Parameter Returns Success but Doesn't Change Timezone

The timezone configuration setting is global to the cluster. However, the cmdlet documentation shows passing the -node parameter when configuring the timezone. When doing this it looks like a success; however, the timezone actually isn't changed. Removing the -node parameter allows the change to go through.




Can you let me know which Data ONTAP version you're invoking Set-NcTime against?


I tried with 8.3.1 and observed an error is thrown and running the command in verbose mode clearly mentions `VERBOSE: Error: invalid argument "-node"`. We can certainly look at adding this information (about Node/Timezone incompatibility) in the documentation, but I'm curious to understand why it appears to pass in your setup while it clearly errors out in mine.





I am having a similar issue with cDOT 8.3.1P1 and the set-nctime cmdlet. I have tried various settings within the script but it will just not change the timezone:


Set-NcTime -Timezone America/New_York


Set-NcTime -node $node2 -Timezone "America/New_York"


Set-NcTime -Timezone "America/New_York"


$timeZone = "America/New_York"

Set-NcTime -Timezone $timeZone


Nothing I have tried has worked. I can set it in both CLI and Sysman, I can add time servers with the cmdlet:


$timeServer1 = "server_name"

New-NcNtpServer -ServerName $timeServer1


But the timezone just will not change. Is there a bug or am I not using this correctly?




Here is a new development. When I looked on the cluster and used the "time' command this is what I get:


rdonacle03::> time
    Timezone: America/New_York



But when I use the "date" command this is what i get:


rdonacle03::> date
Node      Date                     Time zone
--------- ------------------------ -------------------------
          Tue May 17 06:16:35 2016 America/Los_Angeles
          Tue May 17 06:16:35 2016 America/Los_Angeles
2 entries were displayed.


WTH? How can the cluster see 2 different timezones?


When I run this:

$timeZone = "America/New_York"

Set-NcTime -Timezone $timeZone


It appears to work but the Sysman display always showed New York and so did the "time" command. What is going on here?


Just to note, I was trying to go from New York to Los Angeles (back and forth) as a test. So when I used Los Angeles I could see the timezone change under the "date" command but the "time" command always showed New York and so did the Sysman display...


Definitely looks like a bug, possibly both in the PowerShell Toolkit and in Data ONTAP. Let me investigate further.

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