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SnapCenter 4.0 Protect-SmRepository without SnapMirrorlabel


Hello All,


our customer would like that the Repository Backup from SnapCenter should be replicated to the SnapVault Destination.


We use this lines to add the Repository Backup on SnapCenter.


Open-smconnection  -SMSbaseurl  https://Snapcenter:8146/
Protect-SmRepository -HostName SnapCenter -Path E:\ -Schedule @{"ScheduleType"="daily";"StartTime"="02:05 AM";"DaysInterval"="1"} -RetentionCount 7


I tried anything with any cmd lines from the Reference Guide, but i don´t find a solution to set the snapmirrorLabels by the same step.


Our Workaround is another Powershell Script that sets the SnapmirrorLabel in a second step after the backup.


Has anyone a solution, to take the SnapmirrorLabel automatically in one way?


Second thought about this is, if i would like to set hourly, daily and weekly backups for the Repository Backup in a kind of ressource group with this policies. How should i create the Script to add it direct over the protect-smrepository lines?


Thanks a lot for your help




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