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SnapManager for Hyper-v post script bug?


I'm using SnapManager for Hyper-v 1.0P2 with a post script to update snapvault relations to a snapvault destination. What I notices is that when you use a post-script SMHV can add parameters to add to your script. Such as  $VMSnapshot  or $SnapInfoName. Where $SnapInfoName is the timestamp of the SnapInfo snapshot.

What I want my post script to do is update all the VM snapshots (no problem that works) and then update the snapinfo snapshot. However, the SMHV snapinfo snapshot is created when all the induvidual Hyper-v hosts have finished there backup's. So it is impossible to use the post script option to update the snapinfo snapshot.

Is this a know bug or is this as designed? If so, will SMHV 1.1 fix this?




Re: SnapManager for Hyper-v post script bug?

The same goes for SnapMirror update after backup. This will also NOT update the snapinfo LUN volume.

Re: SnapManager for Hyper-v post script bug?

SnapMirror update should be fine and it should take care of Snapinfo snapshot. The issue with Snapvault update via post script will be there for clustered VMs as only in that case, SnapInfo snapshot is created after running the backup script. However, SnapMirror update is always done after taking Snapinfo snapshot even there.



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