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SnapProtect for OracleVM?

SnapProtect appears as a great enterprise back-up suite.

So I would like to offer this to a customer, who owns a OracleVM environment.

TR-3712 is a Best Practices report about OracleVM.

However, for backup SnapManager is recommended.

Is SnapProtect also possible (or will be soon possible) to offer a backup environment for OracleVM?




SnapProtect for OracleVM?

Well ... OracleVM is basically a Xen server with some extra management layer on top and SnapProtect appears to support Xen. And it never says "Citrix XenServer" but rather "Xen Server" which appears like they do support generic Xen. So it is quite probable that it will work. Not that all features are available (e.g. snapshots are apparently supported for Vmware/Hyper-V only).

I guess you could ask for a trial version and test.

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