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Snapmirror Resync using PSTK


Hi there

I have a PS script to reverse resync a SnapMirror relationship which has been tested against the ontap9.5 simulator.

when running on the simulator the existing relationship remains in place (but has been previously broken) and the resync operation creates a new reverse relationship for the volumes. i.e. originally  A -> B  becomes B->A


when integrating into the QA test environment the controllers are running OnTap 9.1 and the resync call fails with no common snapshot in place, Note Snapmirror relationship is created but the state is Broken-off, if I try to initialize i get an error because the volume at A is RW and not DP


Were any changes made between 9.1 and 9.5 that explain this difference or am I just seeing a difference between the simulator and real world?

Thank you




Hi Bobalon,


Did you verify that the snapshot on the original source still exists as this is required for the resync to succeed?


Here is a KB that details how to test a SnapMirror DR relationship and resync back to the original source that you can try manually to see if you are able to get it to work without using PSTK:

Guidelines for SnapMirror Disaster Recovery (DR) testing and reverse SnapMirror in ONTAP 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp