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Snapvault update with ONTAP PowerShell?


I have many OSSV snapvault relationships established and wanted to know if the toolkit has the snapvault update function?



Hello, Marc.

The 'snapvault update' command is equivalent to the Data ONTAP API 'snapvault-secondary-initiate-incremental-transfer'.  This API is supported by the PowerShell Toolkit's Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer cmdlet.

When I wrote the SnapVault cmdlets, I tested OSSV relationships from the Data ONTAP (i.e. secondary) side.  I was able to create and update SnapVault relationships as expected.

You can see the full list of SnapVault cmdlets by issuing 'Get-NaHelp -Category snapvault'.


Exactly the info I was looking for, thanks.  BTW - Why not do an Invoke-Snapvaultupdate? it would be consistent with the invoke-snapmirrorupdate.

It would be really cool to also have a |. "Get-Na Snapvault | Invoke-SnapvaultUpdate "


Cmdlet naming is always a challenge, but as the Microsoft PowerShell team is fond of saying, "To ship is to choose"!

It would be really cool to also have a |. "Get-Na Snapvault | Invoke-SnapvaultUpdate "

Agreed on pipelining SnapVault objects to Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer.  That didn't make the cut for 1.5, but it's already in 1.6.


Hi Clinton,

Got a question on the SnapVault update cmdlet. From the cli you can specify the -w option, so execution waits for completion of the transfer. Apperently this option didn;t make in 1.7. Can you please add this option also to the cmlet?




If you are scripting this, you can actually achieve the equivalent now.  After calling Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer, then you go into a wait loop:

while ( Get-NaSnapvaultSecStatus -Path [mypath] | ? { $_.Status -ine "idle" } )


  Write-Host "Waiting for SV Transfer to finish..."

  Start-Sleep -seconds 30


#  Continue on from here in your script


Yep! figured that one out as a workaround already!

Thanks anyway!



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