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Temperature sensor with scom 2012


We are using the  OCPM 3.1 with SCOM, and I would like to have the current values for the temperature sensors and alarms when a netapp enclosure reports a high temperature.



Re: Temperature sensor with scom 2012

Filer> environment status chassis all

Voltage ok

PSU 1 ok

PSU 2 ok

Temperature ok

System_Fan ok

CF_status ok

NVRAM6-temperature-1 ok

NVRAM6-battery-1 ok.

filer> environment status chassis list-sensors

Please let me know if that helps, if you have any issue it will report on the filer. If you are looking for a different answer please let me know what dataopntap version you were using and also the filer model.



Re: Temperature sensor with scom 2012

Hi Ravi,

I want to see that info but on the System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Operations Console, I don't know if the OCPM 3.1 have the availability to show this on the SCOM, the dataontap versions are: 7.3.3 and 7.3.6P4 and the filer models are FAS270, FAS2040.