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Thin Provisioning with OnCommand Shift


I have a project in progress where we plan to use NetApp OnCommand Shift to convert a number of VMware VMs to Hyper-V VMs as we are migrating the custoemr to a new platform using Hyper-V as the hypervisor. As part of the platform build and testing, I have been testing out the OnCOmmand shift process using a number of different VMs covering the range of Guest OS we have in the environment.


When using the OnCommand shift GUI, the conversions are completing sucessfully with no error, but i have noticed that the disks being converted are no longer thin provisioned at the other end when they have been trasnitioned from VMware to Hyper-V VMs. The disks in Hyper-V are showing as Dynamically expanding, but the file size has increased to the specified size of the disk - have have attached screenshots to show what I mean.


My question here is 2-fold:


  1. Is this expected behavour?
  2. If it is, is there a way of running the commands so it converts the disk but does not expand the stotrage usage out from what is being used currently on the VMware side?

We run our environment as fully thin provisioend across the board and if using this tool it is not possible to convert the disks without expanding them out to the allocated disk size then this is going to massively increase the storage requirements for the platform. We have previously used the MAT4Shift tool, which was used as the fundamental components to build OnCommand Shift, and this issue did not occur when using that tool


Any feedback would be most appreciated.