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Total poshontap newb Q?


So, I've got to set permissions on each of my filers exports to grant root access only to my vSphere hosts vmkernel ports so no one else can access them.

Between all the vif aliases & NFS vmkernel ports created to balance the load across 4 ports each on the hosts and filers, the number of permissions become a daunting task to enter manually (think 11 exports per cluster across the 16 vmkernel ports total for 4 hosts... ugh, begging to be scripted)

I've looked over the help, but I'm not seeing any cmdlts that jumps out at me immediately dealing with this.

Direction/hints/tips/tricks appreciated.





Hello, dbroome.  You can use Add-NaNfsExport or Set-NaNfsExport to manipulate NFS export permissions.  If you also need to script VIF creation, that is not something Toolkit 1.1 can do; network configuration is a high priority for a future release.