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Types.ps1xml and Format.ps1xml


I Understand that this is still a very early release, and you're still working you're way through the OnTAPI, but we need some formatters make the toolkit usable as a CLI.   I've used PoshOnTAP as my primary means of managing our filers for over two years now.  I tried to switch to the supported toolkit, but the output is of no use from the CLI.  It's simply information overload... because I've been through this once already with PoshOnTAP, I wrote an example for you...

As a template I've always used FilerView.... I know, I know... but *most* Windows sysadmins don't administer NTAP Full time, and FilerView is their interface (SystemManager is getting there).  The closer you mimic FilerView's data the easier it is for them to translate the GUI to the CLI.  Everything is still available for scripting, but if you trying to manage a volume, lun, snapshots, etc from the CLI it's much easier.

Attached is what I'll be using until you fix it




Thanks Glenn,

Your input is greatly apriciated.   You are correct that the Data ONTAP PowrShell Toolkit is in it's infancy.  Any advice you have to give can only make it better going forward.

Thanks again



I definitely agree with Glenn. I went ahead and created a PSD1 file, a types and a format file for the DataOntap module. For our stuff, we are working with Luns and Volumes more than anything else so I just have entries for their corresponding types.

I've attached what I put together.



Thanks, Glenn and Andy.  Yes, the Toolkit can be information overload when using it as a CLI, and while it's hard to know which fields are important to any given user, there are some that aren't terribly interesting.  We'll consider including type formatters in the future for common object types, but the examples y'all have posted work fine and should help others tailor Toolkit output to serve their needs.