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Update Servcie Processor firmware with Powershell


Has anybody done SP firmware update with Powershell command?


I tried update-ncserviceprocessorimage -node AAA -package -updatetype full


It keeps giving an error saying "This update-type is unavailable".  or Invalid value specified for "update-type" element.


This Powershell Toolkit new release is falling into apart, over 90% of commands don't even work. How NetApp allow such buggy software to be released even ??



Hi @PerhapsCloud 


Regarding your issue with the Service Processor image update commands, does it work if you drop the -updatetype parameter? 


Your feedback about 90% of the commands not working, doesn't sound right, as we have other customer's successfully using the latest powershell toolkit, so something is not quite right there. 


Might I suggest you consider jumping on our Community Discord, we have a Powershell Toolkit section, where you might able to get more help with your challenges. Head over to to get started with joining our Community Discord. 



No it doesn't work. If I drop the updatetype parameter, it returns an error saying the updatetype value is invalid.

Maybe I should state that the common commands that we used to use all had some sort of errors, for example:

Set-ncQuota no longer works, it keeps asking for a parameter value for "Group" and there is no documentation or help files we could find what this parameter "Group" is for.

Add-NCAgrr stopped working. It would go silent for a few seconds lookes it was creating, but eventually came back an error which I can't recall exactly. When looking into that new aggr created with the 7-mode command, noticed it was created on that node but didn't show up in the cluster, which no one could explain why. It was an hassle then to have to make it into the cluster manually and remove it altogether. Eventually I had to use the cluster command to create it. The Add-NCAggr had never failed on me with previous versions of Powershell Toolkit.

Get-NCAggr also does not list root aggregates anymore, and had to add the -ontapi or -zapicall to it in order to see the root aggrs. But why? I just need to list all the aggrs and isn't that the command Get-NCAggr is for? It used to work like that in previous versions.


Hi @PerhapsCloud 


Thanks for the extra information.


To help us understand your situation, can you let me know what version of ONTAP the cluster you are attempting to run these PowerShell commands against? 


I'm running the Toolkit version of, the Ontap version is 9.11.1P4.


Thanks @PerhapsCloud 


I've ping'd a few folks internally to see if I can get someone to take a look your post and feedback here. Thanks for your patience.


Thank you Ross. Please keep me updated on.

I just noticed another command doesn't work which is Test-NcExportAccess, no matter what ClientIP you supply to this command, it returns nothing, no Allowed nor Denied. And when I checked the help file of this command, there is no examples of how to use this command.


We ran into a couple of these as well. Notable was the "-group" requirement in set-ncquota (why is there no matching flag in get-ncquota). But we also found places where the contents being returned (in existing scripts for use in calculations) had changed from one form to another (kb/mb/GB/etc.).

The version that impacted us was Netapp.ONTAP against ONTAP 9.9.1p17 and 9.13.1p7.