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Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables

Having an issue using PowerShell to set 3 timed.servers which are defined in a variable. 

Running the commands:


$TimeServers = "IPaddress1,IPaddress2,IPaddress3"

Set-NaOption -OptionName timed.servers -OptionValue $TimeServers


Thanks in advance!


Re: Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables

What is the error you see?


I suspect if you initialize the string as $timeServers = '"IP1,IP2,IP3"(note the value of the string becomes "IP1,IP2,IP3" and that value is enclosed in single '), it will work.

Re: Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables

So my goal is to only change one variable in one location in the script, as a result I have nested variables. Here's a more complete view into what I'm trying to accomplish:


# this is the only variable to change

$subnet = "xx" 


$TimeServers = "xxx.xx.$subnet.50,xxx.xx.$subnet.51,xxx.xx.$subnet.2"

Set-NaOption -OptionName timed.servers -OptionValue $TimeServers


The output of Write-Host $TimeServers looks good, 3 comma seperated ip addresses with


Here's the error message when the script runs:

Set-NaOption : Unable to set option: timed.servers
At P:\My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\timed_servers.ps1:57 char:1
+ Set-NaOption -OptionName timed.servers -OptionValue $TimeServers
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (xxx.xx.xx.xx:NaController) [Set-NaOption], EAPIERROR
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Options.SetNaOption


Re: Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables



The Set-NaOption CmdLet -optionvalue parameter expects a string and it shouldn't matter if that's a comma delimited string containing multiple IP Addresses. I noticed that whilst the cmdlet thows an error it does actually set the option value for all servers so this seems like it could be a bug (IMO). It might be possible to invoke the API using "Invoke-NaSystemApi" but I checked the ZAPI and noticed this also fails using ZExplore from the SDK:


ZAPI Request:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<netapp  xmlns="" version="1.21">


ZAPI Results:


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<netapp version='1.1' xmlns=''>
    <!-- Output of options-set [Execution Time: 8610 ms] -->
    <results reason='Unable to set option: timed.servers' errno='13001' status='failed'>
        <message>1 entry was deleted.


So i think the options are either using the "Set-NaOption" cmdlet with the -SilentlyContinue parameter or the "Invoke-NaSsh" cmdlet with -ErrorAction stop.

As a work around i'd recommend something like:


[String]$servers = ",,"
[String]$command = "options timed.servers $servers"
   Invoke-NaSsh -Command $command -ErrorAction Stop
   Write-Host "Executed Command: $command"   
   Write-Warning -Message $("Failed Executing Command: $command. Error " + $_.Exception.Message)


Hope that helps



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Re: Using Powershell to set Multiple timed.servers with variables

Ahh, from Matt's observations and my own experiments, this looks like a bug in the zapi.


The first time I try setting multiple time servers, the zapi reports an error but sets it correctly none-the-less. If I repeat the same zapi call one more time, the call returns success. Same behavior is repeated when using the PSTK cmdlets as well - since they internally call the zapi.


Another alternate (to Matt's) workaround is to run the Set-NaOption with ErrorAction set as 'SilentlyContinue' and then use the Get-NaOption to check if timeserver was set correctly. If not set correctly, the script should throw an error.


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