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Volume Snapshot Utilization Information


I'm writing a script to pull volume usage (df) information from our Netapps.  The get-navol cmdlet does almost everything I need, but I want to break out the snapshot utilization in my report as well.  In our environment, we set the snap reserve to 0, which means that the SizeUsed includes the size of all the snapshots.  Is there a way to get the amount of space used by snapshots for a volume using the powershell kit?  The Get-NaSnapshotVolumeSpace cmdlet looked promissing, but it appears to only return the amount of space available to shapshots in the volume, which in my case is the same as the SizeAvailable for the Get-NaVol cmdlet.

I can get this information from the df command, using rsh, or the new ssh connection type in 1.3, but if I'm going to go through that pain, I might as well use the volume stats from there as well.



See this thread.  Does that help?


That's a good step in the right direction, but as I posted in the other thread, I'm getting inconsistent results.

Perhaps this should be viewed as an enhancement request?  "Have the Get-NaVol cmdlet include stats for snapshot utilization like the df command does"