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Vscan in Power Shell Toolkit

Hello Everyone

I would like to know if it's possible to use the vscan command in order to get the output or even the status of the Av's on several filers...?

If this is possible how can I do it?

Thanks in Advance for your answers....



Re: Vscan in Power Shell Toolkit


personnaly I use the following command to verify if VSCAN is enable on my filers

invoke-nassh vscan

the output is like :

Virus scanning is disabled.

No vscan servers are connected.

List of extensions to scan:

Extensions-to-scan list is empty.

List of extensions not to scan:

Extensions-not-to-scan list is empty.

Number of files scanned:  0

Number of scan failures:  0

Number of throttled requests:  0

Best Regards


Re: Vscan in Power Shell Toolkit

invoke-nassh vscan scanners


This will list your AV scanners, or tell you if there is none connected.  I plan to use this to script a query all of my filers daily.

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