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Vserver ID question


Can you help me with understanding vserver ID numbers?


I am not new to OnTAP; I have been using it for years and have done extensive script development using PSTK.


The EMS logging in OnTAP can be annoying.  Instead of always logging events using the vserver name, some loggers in OnTAP use the vserver ID.  Example:


fpolicy.eagain.on.write:notice]: Write returned EAGAIN while sending notification to the FPolicy server "xxxxxxxxx" for vserver ID 30


How do I find out which vserver is ID 30 in this example?

I can go to the CLI and do 'vserver show -id 30'.  Works great.


However, it seems that I cannot get the vserver ID through PSTK cmdlets.  Get-NcVserver does not show it.


I am also confused by this- if I enter at the commandline "vserver show (name) -instance", it does not include the vserver ID in the output.  But it includes every other defined property.


Any background on vserver IDs would be helpful.  


It seems like I could use 'invoke-ncssh' to run the command and grab the output, but it seems like a roundabout way to get it.



::>vserver show -vserver "name" -fields id

Apparently you misunderstood my post. I was asking why this function is not provided in the Powershell toolkit- it seems like 'get-NcVserver' should provide the vserver ID along with all the other vserver information.
Is this an enhancement that could be included in a future rollout of PSTK?
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